Create mule common libraries

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Mule libraries

Today we will explore how to build our own “batteries” for mule and include it in our applications just like a normal java project.

I found, by working with several customers, that they tend to ignore this capability of Mule ESB and end up in copying around mule xml fragment in all their application forgetting that you can use all the power of Maven and modules even with Mule.

If you are and experienced java developer working since long time with maven this post will probably don’t teach you anything new but I often saw that, due to the easy to use GUI of Anypoint Studio, Mule is often used by several different type of profiles that don’t actually already have an huge experience with maven and/or java and this post targets mainly this audience.Read more

Getting started with Mule Cloud Connect review

muleI’m finally back writing about books once again, something that I honestly like and I should do more often.

First of all let’s go with a disclaimer: The author of this book, Ryan Carter, asked me kindly to review the book giving me this copy for free so I actually didn’t spent any money for it.

I tried, as always, to be as objective as possible even if sometime I tend to empathize with authors as I understand well what they go trough when writing a book.

This review will be quite different, I will do it in questions and answer format with a short and long version because I often thing this is the most direct way to give a feedback and let people understand if this book can be useful for them or not.Read more