Boto Mturk Tutorial: Fetch results and pay workers

This is another tutorial of the mturk series, in this one I will explain how to fetch the ready results from mturk trough python boto and how to approve or reject payments to the workers.
Before continue I suggest you to read my first tutorial about boto and mturk if you didn’t it already.

Well, before continuing for have a good test case I suggest you to publish some hits on the mturk sandbox and do it trough the workers sandxbox, in this way you will have some results ready to be fetched.Read more

Boto Mturk Tutorial: Create hits

This tutorial will be the first of many about mturk and Boto, a python interface to Amazon Web Services.
When I started to develop python tasks for automate some process by using amazon mturk was a little bit difficult found enough information about the usage of Boto and about mturk, for this reason I want to make those things easy for others developers that, like me some time ago, are starting to deal with Amazon Mturk.
Let’s start from the origins what you need is:

Boto library (2.0b4): you can install it with easy_install or download the package from the github page.
Amazon Web Services keys: create an account or login if you already have one on, after that go to you account admin panel and than security settings.
In the page scroll to the section Access credentials and keep note of the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

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