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Instant Django 1.5Instant Django 1.5 Application Development Starter

Packt Publishing February 22, 2013

In this book you will jump into Django by creating a web application step by step. Offering you a quick but comprehensive immersion into the world of Python development, Instant Django 1.5 Application Development Starter begins with a practical exploration of the framework’s powerful mechanisms and tools and finishes your journey by taking you through the creation of one sample application.

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Europython 2011: Playing tasks with Django & Celery

  • A brief overview of Celery and the AMPQ protocol AMPQ protocol overview, Celery introduction: Celery, RabbitMQ code examples
  • The impact of Celery on the Jamendo work-flow; examples with real tasks. Here I will talk about the Jamendo back-office infrastructure and some of our common tasks. I will discuss the improvements made by introducing a new back-office system based on Celery. I will show some code snippets and go over some real scenarios.
  • Overview of the Django Celery admin interface and some Jamendo extensions. Let’s talk about the Django-Celery interface that allows one to monitor or schedule tasks directly from the Django admin. I will explain which common additional features are necessary and how to add them.
  • Common “gotchas” we encountered while working with Celery and how we solved them.
  • Global task locks
  • Centralized logging: be able to read all the logs of all celery workers on different servers and filter them for real-time debugging