History Timeline WordPress Plugin


I’m not able to maintain and develop further this plugin that still has great potential. If some one is interested in proceeding with the development I offer all my support on the old and shitty code I developed so long time ago. Just contact me if interested.


Last stable version: 7.0.2
WordPress plugin page: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/history-timeline/


History timeline is a WordPress plugin for displaying a history timeline based on tags.

0.7 new features

Support for before christ dates.
Build the timeline only with posts from one or more categories.
Exclude single posts or pages from the timeline.


How to install and use History Timeline

If you have never used this plugin or a previous version, extract the archive file (.zip) and upload the folder history-timeline to the wp-content/plugins of your web space. Then activate the plugin in plugin menu of admin control panel.

Copy and paste this code in your post, page or widget content.

You can also specify 3 additional parameter limit,category and exclude.
[history_timeline limit=10 category=12,45 exclude=12345,6432]
This code will limit the result to ten, fetch the posts only from the categories with id 12 and 45 and also exclude the posts with id 12345 and 6432

How to customize History Timeline

Customize options:

Go to Settings > History Timeline from within your admin panel.
Select an input date format. You must use this format when tagging your posts, otherwise, the post will not show up in the history timeline.
If there are multiple posts with the same tag, a random post will be shown. Only one post will be shown at a time.
Select an output date format. This is what will be displayed on the history timeline across the title of your post.
Select the order you want your history timeline to appear in. “Lowest to highest” will display the oldest post first.
Set a custom before and after christ suffix string.

You can edit the CSS of History Timeline here.

(Note: If the history timeline isn’t displaying properly, your theme’s CSS may be the problem. You can add inline CSS to the plugin’s history_timeline.php file to correct the issues.)