Getting started with Mule Cloud Connect review

muleI’m finally back writing about books once again, something that I honestly like and I should do more often.

First of all let’s go with a disclaimer: The author of this book, Ryan Carter, asked me kindly to review the book giving me this copy for free so I actually didn’t spent any money for it.

I tried, as always, to be as objective as possible even if sometime I tend to empathize with authors as I understand well what they go trough when writing a book.

This review will be quite different, I will do it in questions and answer format with a short and long version because I often thing this is the most direct way to give a feedback and let people understand if this book can be useful for them or not.

Is this book a guide to learn Mule ESB from scratch?


Don’t expect to this book to explain you how to install Mule Studio or the JDK and than show you with a lot of nice screenshots showing you where to click to get your first running project. If this is what you are looking for there are other books out there and if you like screenshots a lot you can always buy HTML for beginners  :-).

Is this book an introduction to Mule ESB ?


This book will probably not give you everything to get started with mule if you already don’t know a bit about the integration domain and ESB in general but will surely explain you what is Mule and how it works internally and what can offer you to make your integration challenges painless when possible.
But remember the subtitle “Accelerating Integration with SaaS, Social Media, and Open APIs”, this clearly tells you that the book will focus on the aspects of mule that relates to API connectivity in an open world so don’t expect a chapter on how to do batch processing or on how to connect your Oracle DB to it.

I already know Mule and I work with it since a bit can this book help me in improve my integration solutions ?


Even for me that I work for more than 2 years with Mule the book was really useful. The fact is that Mule ESB is a great product that offer millions of possibilities and off course you can’t know them all by hard that’s why this book does a great job in highlighting and giving you examples of the capabilities of Mule in the context of cloud networks helping you in open your mind to new possibilities.

Your favorite chapter ?

I personally liked the Custom Connectivity chapter where the author explains you how to create your custom cloud connector, he’s surely explaining it better and more in deep than Mule official documentation and made my work easier that it’s already a good reason to let me fall in love with it (The chapter not the author).

You would suggest this book to a friend ?


This book it does what he says in the title nothing more and nothing less, sometime I felt like the author was rushing a bit on some concepts but over-hall the book delivers what he promises and I think the price is also balanced for the type of book.